Gold nuggets


The unique shape, surprising weight, are just some of the features of gold nuggets. They are extremely valuable and unique. On our entire planet, and even in the universe, there are no two identical. It is something extremely valuable and original, something that only nature could create. And how were they created? Liquid gold, which successively moved through rocky gaps up the earth’s crust, solidified, creating unique shapes of gold… “nuggets”.


Nuggets occur in several places on Earth, including South Africa, Russia and Australia. Let’s stop at the last one. Victorian nuggets from Australia, especially Bendigo Gold are the most rich in gold (up to 95%). In western Australia there is a mining town – Kalgoorie, in which nuggets of large sizes and very high purity (92-99% gold) are mined – treasures that you can become the owner of by buying CYRUS Gold Rush jewelry.



A 5-carat diamond is more likely to be found than a 1-ounce nugget. Is this not puzzling?


A cube with an edge of 21.4 meters – this volume of gold has been extracted so far. It’s not much for our planet.


During a short period in the mid-nineteenth century called the California Gold Rush, 90% of the entire world stock of this precious metal was mined.


What size is the world’s largest gold coin? It is a 1-ton coin with an 80-centimeter diameter minted in the Perth Mint in Western Australia.


Have you looked at what our logo looks like? It contains the shape of the famous nugget – “Welcome Stranger” found in Australia in 1869, which is the largest gold nugget found so far on our globe. His weight was about 78 kg.