.… one of the most desirable metals in the world …
Have you ever wondered how and where it was created?
Is it a particle of Earth or space?


According to one theory, this noble metal was created by the explosion of stars and ejecting their contents into the cosmic space, which shaped our planet. As a result of many processes, both physical and chemical, stardust, gases and elements swirled in the universe created not only planets and stars, but also precious metals, including gold.

There is a second theory based on which gold reached the Earth by bombarding its surface by meteorites containing significant amounts of gold over 200 million years ago. Let’s stop here: it’s not enough that it’s a unique metal, it’s also been on our planet almost from the beginning. You can be tempted to say that this is a masterpiece and a masterpiece of nature … extraterrestrial!


Let’s get down to Earth. What is the situation of gold on our globe? It is estimated that by the end of 2017, 190,000 tons of gold were extracted. An unbelievable amount, right? And how much more is he left in our geosphere? Probably 54 thousand tons, which is much less. However, looking at the demand, very soon its resources may run out, in 15-20 years. Let us hurry up to have this unique, extraterrestial element in our possession. This is also supported by the fact that it cannot be produced in laboratory conditions. This is the case with diamonds (synthetic diamonds), which means that only skillful marketing of these precious stones keeps their price at a high level. And what about gold? Its value has been growing steadily for decades, and when its deposits are depleted, the price of this ore will soar high up.